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Posted in new years resolution with tags , , on January 11, 2011 by thrasherpaddy

New year, new attempt at regularly assaulting (and possibly insulting) your eyes and minds with absolute ”irrelevant wank”.

The Motherlands mandate this year, is to step up the ”in your face” hatred of fryspace and basically get this blog in the FBI’s most watched list.

This year i will be aiming my hatred at the ”old Foe” longboarders/pedos, hipsters, uni boy faggots, bladders, the french, the coalition government, nick clegg, david cameron, who don’t even warrant capital letters for their names, dub-step, fake-ass hardcore kids, who besmirch the true hardcore with there emo in sheeps clothing two-stepping shcreamo wankery, North Korea, and many many more who will be revealed in the fullness of time.

But i will also be concentrating on good shit going down in the world of skateboarding, and people who in the eyes of the motherland are heros.

Remember if you don’t like what you read, then don’t fucking read it, because i care not if i upset you or make your eyes bleed.

To start the year off, Queensland Australia, inundated with monsoon rain, and under water, snakes, crocs and mozzys are rife in the flood waters, many people evacuated……………….but its no biggie for this badman………….


81 year old Collie Kime ”Despite police and emergency services urging him to relocate from his isolated house, where he lives alone, to the safety of an evacuation centre, he has vowed to stay put with only his dog Patch and budgerigar for company. Concerned friend and neighbours visit each day to bring him bread, milk and supplies of XXXX Gold beer.” and when pressed on the matter of costal taipans lurking in the water¬†¬†“I’ve had a few come through here trying to get dry and bothering me, but I just pick up my walking stick and give them a good whack. That tends to do the job.”

This guy is a certifiable Badman, unlike clegg and cameron who are big greasy cunts.