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Posted in day from hell with tags on August 26, 2010 by thrasherpaddy

”Urrgrhhhhhhhhh” limp lifeless bodies, dead sunken eyes, shuffling around in tatty shit clothing, rank bodily fluids dribbling from there mis-shapen scabby  mouths, no its not my adventures into  Dawn of the Dead style plymouth, but my adventure for the Jobcenter.

Fuck me, i hate to break it to you but at the moment, the Motherland is funded by your tax payer dollar, but fuck you, i have worked since i was 14, after the man (118) made me redundant, looking for a job has been a bitch, work in the world domination field is hard to come by, and all seem to end badly, unless you count kim Yong Il, but unfortunately North Korea didn’t offer me an interview.

So as the job searching continues i unfortunately have to attend the Jobcenter every two weeks, today i had a scuffle with a scummer you decided to take the piss that i tried to walk out the wrong door (evidently he did not like being told to fuck off), one woman tried to scab a rollie off me, one puked up outside ”too much wine i think…….” whilst pushing her mated mane of hair out of her lifeless eyes,  Its 3 o fucking clock, and she is pissed? one fat cunt who decided to kick of at the 100 strong security posse for no reason, and some lanky haired skinny jean wearing trilby hat wearing mother fucker, and still after 6 weeks they continue to fuck me around!

But on the plus side, on my walk home i bumped into my nemesis, leader of the pedo longboarders, and they say a picture paints a thousand words……….. enjoy

New Skatepark…………new victims.