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Fryspace is back unfortunately, like a nasty case of herpes!

Posted in Back in your face like a bender on a fixy from shoreditch with tags , , , on August 7, 2010 by thrasherpaddy

The lord hig Hesh marshal is back hitting the intershreb web like the crucio curse from that ‘arry potter book, much has been annoying me of late, so Fryspace, my personal soap box, is rising from the ashes, ready to bring shame upon the shameful, remember Fryspace is the opinion of My tiny mind, and therfore, if you do not like what you read here, don’t fucking read it.

Hamas hit squad has sadly had to give up on the Customer Satisfaction Department, and now it has been replaced by a flock of bad assed seagulls, so when you see a seagull in future, ask yourself, did i insult Fryspace? as they may be coming to fuck your shit up.

Lots more rants to follow soon, but to start off, if you take a camera phone/digital camera, and stand in front of the mirror, and take a myspacey picture of yourself, looking all moody and ”cool’ for your (insert preferred social networking sight here), then you are a GRADE A fucking Bender, and you should head to Bridgened, and lay down and die to sad music like the elephant man.