Where do they come from…………..

The sun is out, after battling in a war of words with the jobcenter i have some time to get ”somink off me chest”. Sitting here in Fryspace HQ the St Judes mansion, i feel the need to educate people about a little known fact.

Whenever you turn on the news and you find a report about ”Britain’s” latest Pedophile, or as they would call themselves ”lover of children”, you often wonder why, ”Derek”  looks so much ”Like” an stereotypical pedophile, you would think that the threat of being anal raped or worse in a prison for being a nonce would give them reason to break the mould, be a maverick, and not conform to the typical ”Uncle Derek” way of dressing, Cream slacks, sky blue cardigan, a pair of crocs, skinny rollie in their yellow long-fingered hands and off course the creme de la creme the large plastic framed reactive lensed glasses with extra ”you can’t see me looking” effect, not to mention the large grey flasher mack.

I worry as they roll with the times and wise up, they might start wearing ”trendy” clobber, and riding a fixie into shoreditch like all the other trendy fasios, and become inconspicuous, so i though a photo of what they looked like in their youth would help, so if you wonder what someone who in future will covet  your children in a very wrong way then here is a picture of 3 future ”Kiddy Fiddlers”………………..Knowledge is power!


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