7 Seconds tonight………..

Running the Motherland from my St Judes fortress is a demanding occupation, often leaving me to lazy to do things i really should, finally being lazy has had  a benefit.

A few months ago when i was made redundant from my Directory Enquires Cover job, i got a nice little pay out, they call it severance pay, but really they wanted to keep me sweet t0 avoid the retaliation of my once Customer service unit, the hamas hit squad! With this money i booked tickets to see Cro-mags in Brighton, and Agnostic Front/7 Seconds  in london and i accidentally booked tickets for 7 Seconds in exeter as well, and the dates conflicted with Cro-mags, so i intended to cancel tickets for the exeter show, but putting all my other money into developing my wireless carrier pigeon communication system, i temporailly bankrupted the Motherland, meaning my armored Clio tank hand to come off the road, so unable to get to London or Brighton, i now find myself with tickets for 7 Seconds in exeter, and seeing as if i had been less lazy and money caring i would of canceled them! Score 1 for being lazy.

So tonight i will be fucking smashing it up to 7 Seconds!


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